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"Have Spellbook - Will Travel" is the best Fantasy-Comedy-Drama Play Podcast You Are Currently Wikiing.

Rudy Basso and James Introcaso produce and bring to the world a weekly(ish) scripted radio play based (loosely) on the world of Fantasy Role-playing Games, with the format (loosely) of the Have Gun - Will Travel radio play. Except instead of living at the Carlton Hotel in 1875, these characters live in 1150 at TAG headquarters in the city of Davenport, in the Misremembered Realms. And Hey Boy is a goblin.

The adventures of the Intrepid Party 13 are told by Old Man Wisely, your daunted narrator who spins their backstories, front-stories and middle-stories to the delight of unnamed (but nonetheless credited) children in the village tavern.

Have Spellbook - Will Travel brings together the love of DnD(r)-style RPG adventure with the comedy of an old time radio play. It's a fun listening experience for all, but especially those who enjoy the odd RPG experience, participate in drama or improv, and, most importantly, are friends of Rudy and James from college.

Bi-Weekly (that's once every other week, people) broadcasts of the drama are interspersed with alternatingly bi-weekly Behind the Scenes episodes where fantastic prizes are offered, foolishly, for fans with enough time on their hands to create a wiki.

In January of 2017, Have Spellbook Will Travel became the flagship program on the new Don't Split the Podcast network. If you are a millennial, you probably understand what this means. In May of 2017, the Podcast turned 1 year old with its 52nd episode (BTS #23). Congratulations to Rudy and James for this achievement.

In September 2017, Have Spellbook Will Travel will launch a Patreon site, allowing die-hard fans to support the podcast monetarily. Now everyone knows that the most important and fundamental way to support the podcast is with your love, support, thoughts, and prayers. Only slightly behind that sort of emotional support is through words of encouragement via email, Twitter, Facechat, Snap-a-gram, and Compuserve. And of course your five star reviews on Apple iTunes. Rudy and James live or die by our support, like wingless angels standing by for a bell-ringing contest. However, Rudy's landlord is getting pretty frickin' tired of taking printouts of supportive Tweets on the first of the month. So it's time to pony up people. Patreon will now allow all Havespellerheads to directly support the arduous production efforts of the show's creators. Truly, any self-respecting supporter of Have Spellbook Will Travel who doesn't consistently update the program's Wiki, should be ashamed not to be supporting the program at least at the $100 per month level. Did I say $100? I meant $1,000.

Once the program is being supported at the $10,000 a month level, Rudy Basso has agreed to host every single financial supporter to a nice sous vide chicken dinner each Thursday for the next year at his place. Entertainment will be provided by Vegas Lancaster and the Omnipresent Anthonys, the latest super-group to come out of the greater New Jersey metropolitan area. There will be dancing goblins. Bogfrop waiters. A Party 13 cosplay contest. For gosh sake, Liz So will be there! So donate, people.

So join us here in the Have Spellbook Wiki to learn about the story arcs, the important characters such as Andar, Thoven, Lora, Benicio, Varne, and Unnamed Taverngoer 5, the exotic locations, the writers, producers, directors, editors, cameramen, foley artists and key grips who produce the show, and more.

New articles appearing almost weekly. Outright fabrication kept to an absolute minimum. Lies about the amount of fabrication are, however, extensive.

Onward, Party 13!

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The Fine PrintEdit

Have Spellbook is an IntroBassoCaso production, distributed on the Don't Split the Podcast Network, a division of WorldWide Gambeson Productions, C.V. de S.A. All rights reserved. No cast members were harmed in the recording of these tales, though several were verbally maimed in the retelling. All characters are entirely fictional and none should be construed to represent any actual person, living or dead, except for Varne, he's totally real and he lives in St. Louis. Post no bills. Your mileage may vary, unless you are in Canada, in which case your kilometrage may vary. Cash value 1/1000th of one cent. Don't split the podcast. Seriously, don't.

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