From the first week of broadcast, Have Spellbook - Will Travel has broadcast, on alternating weeks, a series of Behind the Scenes episodes which usually highlight one of the cast members on the show and introduce other content listeners may be interested in. Listeners who send in questions often get answers directly from the show's ruling cabal on the air. When recording is being done, the Behind the Scenes show intro includes a non-sequitur of the featured cast member answering a reader-submitted Levels Question of the Week, asked of the guest as a way to keep them talking while the recording artist sets the levels on the microphones, and also designed to stump the guest and get them to make up various silly things.

Behind the Scenes episodes so far have featured the following:

  1. Rudy Basso and James Introcaso selfishly feature themselves. <time>May 11, 2016</time>

In our first behind-the-scenes episode, James Introcaso and Rudy Basso introduce themselves and explain who they are and why they started this podcast.  Hopefully you enjoy learning a bit more about the hosts of this journey!

2. Ray Fallon is featured. <time>May 25, 2016</time>

It's that time again!  Behind-the-scenes time!  This episode we talk to Ray Fallon, who plays Andar Patrone, leader of Party 13.  Listen in as  James, Rudy, and Ray discuss Ray's thoughts on the show, Andar, and Dungeons and Dragons.

3. John Fischer is featured. <time>June 8, 2016</time>

Greetings and hello to you, listeners!  Join Rudy, James, and actor/composer/DOCTOR John Fischer as they discuss Thoven Battlebeard, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Half-Orc Monks!

4. All Namer Vegas Lancaster is featured. <time>June 22, 2016</time>

Ensemble member Vegas Lancaster joins Rudy and James to discuss his various villainous roles, super powered vegetable TV Show Pilots, and why improv and D&D go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

5. Dan Keyser is featured. <time>July 6, 2016</time>

The man behind Benicio Markanti - Dan Keyser - joins Rudy and James to discuss improv and role playing, how to come up with a neat and memorable character, and how using a character voice can help you get into the headspace of your PC.  Also, of course, his background in D&D and acting

6. Dave Breidenstine is featured. <time>July 20, 2016</time>

Rudy and James interview Dave Breidenstine, one half of the writing/composing team behind the Clam Song and Thoven's Song from Episode 2-2.  In addition to being a talented musician, Dave voices the Clam himself, along with a number of other memorable characters.  Then we're joined by the other half of the team - John Fischer- to learn more about the song writing/composing process.  An incredibly fascinating listen - enjoy!

7. Liz So is featured. <time>August 3, 2016</time>

Rudy and James have a chat with Liz So, the voice behind Veena the Water Nymph and various other roles.  They discuss forensics, the allure and fun in getting to play lots of different parts, and improv in D&D (again!).

8. Lili Timmes is featured. <time>August 17, 2016</time>

Tune in to this latest BTS episode with ensemble member and professional law practitioner Lili Timmes.  Hear about her hatred of law school, MOOT COURT (!!!), and the frustration of being D&D-adjacent but not actually playing it (which will be remedied!). In this episode Lili Timmes, when asked, as all guests are asked, how listeners can contact her did not tell them the easiest method, which would be to break the law in some significant way in the jurisdiction where she works as a prosecutor. You will receive her fullest attention.

9. Evie King is featured. <time>September 14, 2016</time>

Rudy and James sit down with Evie King, a noted world traveler and foodie who has stepped away from her busy life to join with the HSWT ensemble.  Hear her talk about her superhero alter ego Smart Girl, growing up with a D&D Dad, and living in South Korea.

10. Sean Curry is featured. <time>September 28, 2016</time>

Aha!  An interview with the man behind Filigrin the Feared and other notable characters - Mr. Sean Curry!  Listen in to hear about cheese rankings, MORE improv talk, and SANDWICHES.

11. Alex Basso is featured, sort of. October 7, 2016

This second BTS in a row, due to scheduling abnormalities introduced by GenCon --- thanks Obama -- features brother and roommate of the creator of Have Spellbook, Alex Basso. Alphabetically, the pre-eminent Basso, Alex discusses his love of 4th Edition D&D, his hero-worship of brother Rudy, his lack of acting or performing experience and his new Amway distributorship.

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