In various periods of hiatus between produced episodes of HSWT, such as the weeks between Season 1 and Season 2, DSPN often publishes Actual Play podcast episodes featuring the cast and crew of HSWT and Anthony

Actual Play 1 contains several episodes of an Actual Play event featuring James Introcaso as the DM, several cast members and some dude named Anthony.

Actual Play 2 featured James Introcaso again running a one-shot of Merric Blackman's Death in the Cornfieldswith various cast members (and guess who) and resulted in a Total Party Kill of a couple of hours. 

Actual Play 3 was broadcast in July 2017 in the hiatus between Season 1 and Season 2. It included three episodes running James Introcaso's The Master's Vault, a free adventure available on to anyone. It featured Vegas Lancaster as Diane Feinstein, Matt Uhrich in his inaugural D&D experience playing  Dobus, Daboderus, Bardodus, a rogue, and Rudy Basso as the eponymous Rond Firetummy (of the IronForge Firetummies), a bawling dwarf. They bravely fought 5, no three kobolds. Six, or 4 flying snakes. and 5 or 3 skeletons, and survived a ghostly haunting, deadly necromancer and Iron Chef Blue dragon. 

Actual Play 4 was broadcast in three parts in August 2017, and features Rudy Basso as your DM, running a one-shot (three-shot) of Teos Abadia's Adamantine Chef (available now on [Guild]) with players such as Mark G. Smith, Alex Basso, Liz So, Liz So's boyfriend Thiago, and Caroline Collins. They battle bad guys with food. It's pretty much Rudy's worst nightmare come true.  

Actual Play 5 was broadcast in three parts during September 2017, and features the return of James Introcaso as your DM running Richard Jansen-Parkes' Free adventure entitled The Wild Sheep Chase! One of the silliest actual plays in an already silly show.  

More actual play to come in future breaks.