In various periods of hiatus between produced episodes of HSWT, such as the weeks between Season 1 and Season 2, DSPN often publishes Actual Play podcast episodes featuring the cast and crew of HSWT and Anthony

Actual Play 1 contains several episodes of an Actual Play event featuring James Introcaso as the DM, several cast members and some dude named Anthony.

Actual Play 2 featured James Introcaso again running a one-shot of Merric Blackman's Death in the Cornfieldswith various cast members (and guess who) and resulted in a Total Party Kill of a couple of hours. 

Actual Play 3 was broadcast in July 2017 in the hiatus between Season 1 and Season 2. It included three episodes running James Introcaso's The Master's Vault, a free adventure available on to anyone. It featured Vegas Lancaster as Diane Feinstein, Matt Uhrich in his inaugural D&D experience playing  Dobus, Daboderus, Bardodus, a rogue, and Rudy Basso as the eponymous Rond Firetummy (of the IronForge Firetummies), a bawling dwarf. They bravely fought 5, no three kobolds. Six, or 4 flying snakes. and 5 or 3 skeletons, and survived a ghostly haunting, deadly necromancer and Iron Chef Blue dragon. 

More actual play to come!

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